Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Jam Session

I had a really perfect Sunday today! After I went to church with mom, we went home and saw some of my cousins having some good snacks in our living room. I surprised because they do not visit me and my family often. They only come when there is a special occasion and at that point, I cannot remember what we are celebrating. I saw one of my cousins brought one of his les paul guitars so at that point, I had a little idea what they are up to. I asked them if they want to use our music room again and yes, I was right! They came over to have a jam session and create new song if possible.

Aside from being a family of teachers, we are also a family of musicians. Some of my cousins play different musical instruments such as piano, violin and drums. I can play a guitar. So, today was a very special day for me because we were all gathered again to play some good music. I hope we can create another song.

Enjoy your Sunday folks!


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